MagoCloud à la carte

The ERP Cloud tailored to your real business needs

Design your ERP Cloud the way you want. You can choose which functionalities include among those available and select only modules that your organization requires. MagoCloud is flexible and fully customizable
Whether you are a small business or a highly structured organization with production and distribution all over the World, MagoCloud à la carte makes easier the management of your operational processes, thanks to the application areas: Financials Accounting, Sales & Purchase, Production, Warehouse and Logistics, and Store Management.

From invoicing to payments, through the Active and Passive Cycle Management and the optimization of the warehouse and logistics. Don’t forget production planning and flexible and fast management of the sales processes of your store (online and offline). MagoCloud is a comprehensive solution. MagoCloud à la carte can be tailored to your specific business needs. With MagoCloud ERP à la carte you can regulate and optimize processes that impact your business performance. Don’t forget the advantages of working in Cloud.

From human capital management to operating costs, MagoCloud à la carte is a clever way to keep under control every aspect of your company, focusing only on the areas that really matter to your business.


Run any kind of enterprise with MagoCloud: startup, local business, big brand.


Choose the MagoCloud functionalities that best reflect your business and select only those modules that your organization requires.


You can add new functionalities at any time.

Choose your edition

The edition of MagoCoud à la carte are designed for different levels of business complexity:
the power of your ERP grows according to the version you choose.


Storage spaces and features tailored for an agile administration of your business.


An expanded suite of features designed for your company that requires more functionality than the entry-level edition.


Unlimited entry of customers and suppliers, documents, items and products to better manage the needs of your growing business.


Features and performance with no limits to meet even the most complex business needs.


Choose between the Industries specifically designed for your company or build your own ERP Cloud solution à la carte.

Certified Partners are here to help you choose the right solution for your needs, to create a competitive advantage in your industry.

If you are interested in reselling MagoCloud, contact us to find out how to become a Certified Partner and extend your business.