Store Management

Seamless sales is more than just a way of increasing the number of customers. Make your sales happen with basic, efficient processes managing both the stores-online and the store on-site.

Information wherever is needed, service whenever is wanted.

The Store Management of MagoCloud is designed for different customer touchpoints, any kind of ecommerce-business and integrates logistic processes and central branch management. 

The Benefits of Store Management for your Company

SPECIFIC MODULES to serve Retail, Fashion and Food sector

EFFICENCY for both on-line and on-store sales

FULL MANAGEMENT of transactions issued from tills


Customer-centric services managed by a reliable backend

Store Management

Perfectly integrated with the other modules of Mago, allows full navigation within the sales, purchases, inventory and warehouse documents, ensuring a complete tracing of the information flow.


The integration between Mago and TCPOS allows managing the entire on-site sales cycle. The Use of the POS for users is very easy and effective, with a total integration of Mago – the backend – data and modules.

Mago e-Commerce

Your online shop is seamlessly integrated with your MagoCloud ERP. Master data of items and customers, orders placed and stock availability are constantly synchronized to best manage your business online.


Management of the supplier orders up to the sale for the commodity sector. It helps organizing the entire flow of items produced in different variants, and also seasonality changes.

Food recipes

Full management of ingredients and operations leading to recipes, also supplying food’s nutritional values and properties. Alimentary Attributes allow to show mandatory information.

MagoCloud means extended functionality, anytime, anywhere

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