Integrated cloud solutions for your industry

Whatever is your sector, MagoCloud is designed to offer you adaptable and complete solutions that allow you to achieve real business goals. MagoCloud is developed by experts who know the specific problems that your company faces, thanks to decades of experience in key areas.
Discover the many ways in which MagoCloud satisfies an ever-increasing number of industries and find the right solution for your needs.


MagoCloud has an impact on all critical areas of the business to help increase revenues, control costs, improve decision-making and transform data into information. MagoCloud is designed to meet changing regulatory compliance standards and easily manage your global operations and multi-branches.


MagoCloud is designed to improve processes at every stage of the manufacturing cycle, from production to delivery, streamlining operations and reducing costs.
The entire production organization can thus obtain enormous benefits by simplifying processes as much as possible.


MagoCloud is designed for the food and beverage sector, where it is necessary to manage short delivery times and pay attention to the evolution of the channel/market strategy, as well as to regulatory standards. MagoCloud allows also to manage operational, managerial and tax aspects of Horeca sector.


MagoCloud manages the flow of manufacturing documents and correctly move materials, semi-finished and finished items. Integrate production with customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting and financial reporting to provide real-time coordination of activities, also via mobile.


MagoCloud allows you to have a centralized view of your business; for example, you can better manage orders, inventory and shipments. It covers the needs of both the individual store and the chain stores.
It is possible to optimize processes, digitizing flows and activities, in order to save a lot in terms of time and management.


With MagoCloud you are provided with tools to help manage Sales orders, prices, shipments, bills and sourcing and allows you to optimize all business processes.
Thanks to the availability of accurate and real-time information, situations that require attention can be identified promptly and faced quickly, with clear advantages for the whole company.

Do you need more flexibility?

You can fully customize MagoCloud by selecting the features that better satisfy your company needs.

MagoCloud means extended functionality, anytime, anywhere


Choose between the Industries specifically designed for your company or build your own ERP Cloud solution à la carte.

Certified Partners are here to help you choose the right solution for your needs, to create a competitive advantage in your industry.

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