Innovation & Continuity


MagoCloud architecture is designed to address three main requirements


Ready to be integrated with others components & solutions, we open our cloud erp to other components and solutions created by third party.


Existing ERP codebase and our 36-year expertise are a valuable asset, to be preserved and leveraged in a new architecture


Adopting new technologies and follow new paradigms

MagoCloud is designed upon scalable server components created with Microsoft’s .NET Core technology. TaskBuilder has been turned into a Business Objects platform for business transactions, with high performances.
All the modern approaches to ensure scalability has been included, such as the disconnected DB model implemented by major products such as Microsoft SQLServer and Postgre
The front-end is a modern SPA application using extesively the Angular framework.
A special attention has been payed to leverage of the existing Mago desktop codebase, our product that has proven to be reliable and complete over the years.

Full Cloud Automation

MagoCloud is integrated with the most innovative Cloud applications on the market, ready to use, to achieve true automation of all management processes.


Scalable architecture build upon .NET Core & TaskBuilder BO


MagoCloud uses ADO.Net for DB access and the front-end is a Single Page Application Client based on Google Angular.


Json interface description, compatible web-desktop, .NET Core microservices, legacy Business Objects are preserved.

MagoCloud: integrated with the world

The cloud environment demands for an modern approach, making different systems work together, instead of building everything in the same stack
MagoCloud exposes its entire business logic as an ERP back-end, via a rich set of RESTful web API, working both in syncronous and asynchronous way
We have Data Services and Reporting Services, to query the system for data to download and process
Each application BO (e.g.: Customers, Sale Orders, etc.) supports POST and GET
ESP supports communications bewteen applications through message brokers (RabbitMQ)
Business Logic API are exposed (i.e.: item balances, currency conversions, price policies defaults, etc.)


The architecture is designed upon the web and cloud standard, with a clear separation between the various front-end components and the back-end services
The front-end is an Angular single page application, packaged and optimized
The back-end services are a series on .NET Core microservices, plus a set of legacy business components.
Subscription (company) data are stored in a cluster of DBs. Default DB is PostgreSQL, SQL Server is also supported. Default DB is PostgreSQL, SQL Server is also supported

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