Discover the MagoCloud ERP software and its innovative technology, designed to lead your company towards the world of Industry 4.0

MagoCloud is a new generation application designed for a Cloud scenario, which focuses on security, distribution and ability to operate in Public or Private Cloud.

MagoCloud is built for the cloud to unlock your business' full potential and transform new technologies into opportunities.

Save time and costs

No license fees, no installation, no investment in hardware. MagoCloud allows considerable economic savings in terms of purchase and management costs.

Access anytime, anywhere

MagoCloud allows you to control, monitor and work anywhere and at any time. Process management is no longer limited to a company computer, but moves with you: you just need an internet connection.

Data always protected

Data security in the Cloud is higher than in corporate servers. MagoCloud adopts a multi-layered security system that protects the integrity of the data and a daily backup to further guarantee.

An integrated solution is the key to success in a highly competitive environment.

All your business areas will benefit from the extensive MagoCloud product portfolio, which not only includes core ERP software functions, but also a wide range of valuable solutions, from retail to project management.

To drive constant innovation, MagoCloud business applications suits any industry sector and dimension.

Do you need more flexibility?

You can fully customize MagoCloud by selecting the features that better satisfy your company needs.

With the mobile Apps integrated with your ERP Cloud, you can keep your data and processes under control, anytime, anywhere.

Check availability of items and transfer them from other shops, re-order products from suppliers and manage the receipt of goods, plan inventories… directly from your smartphone or tablet. For effective store, warehouse and customer management.
Designed for: store manager and sales assistant in fashion retail (clothing, shoes, accessories) and food service (restaurant, chains, large-scale distribution)

Picking, packing, inventory, goods receipt and many other functions for managing warehouse and logistics operations integrated with your ERP Cloud. The warehouseman works faster and more efficiently.
Designed for: storekeeper and warehouse manager

Interactive dashboards and charts to monitor KPIs in real-time and measure business performance. Visualize data and make strategic decisions directly from your smartphone or tablet.
Designed for: CFO, CEO, marketing and sales manager

On-Premise or Cloud... the perfect ERP solution for you!

With the ERP software of the Mago "family" you can manage all processes optimally. Discover the features of MagoCloud or visit the Mago4 website for an overview of the on-premise ERP software.

Ok, I like it. And now, what?

Choose between the Industries specifically designed for your company or build your own ERP Cloud solution à la carte.

Certified Partners are here to help you choose the right solution for your needs, to create a competitive advantage in your industry.

If you are interested in reselling MagoCloud, contact us to find out how to become a Certified Partner and extend your business.