Mobile App for Mago

Mobile Apps are the perfect companion for an ERP solution.

Every business App needs to be specialized to be effective and create value: this is why we have developed 3 Mobile Application that enhance magoweb, available immediately.

Explore features like billing, payments, reporting, and more.
The administrative management applications of MagoCloud have everything you need to manage your numbers effortlessly.

MagoWeb is the perfect fit for you!


Manage your store and chain in a very easy way, thanks to a dedicated set of functionalities for the retail sector (food and fashion).


Picking, packing, inventory, receiving goods… and much more, from your mobile device. For optimized warehouse management!


Dashboards and graphs give you an intuitive, up-to-date view of the status of your business and the achievement of your goals in just a few clicks.

Instore App

Enhance the potential of MagoCloud ERP by using Instore App for integrated warehouse and store management.

Shop assistants and managers quickly verify product stock, provide real-time support to customers, as well as work on the move within the shop and warehouse, saving time and increasing productivity.

All features for mobile store management

  • Check availability of the product in your shop and affiliated stores
  • Transfer items from one shop to another
  • Manage the receipt of goods sent by suppliers or from another shop or from the headquarters
  • Items reorder directly in the App
  • Plan inventories and manage them on the go
  • Synchronize data automatically with the company database


  • Perfect Integration with your Magoweb ERP Cloud
  • Enhance your customers’ shopping experience by providing quick information on product availability
  • Optimize staff efficiency, save time and money
  • Android App for seamless management from handhelds, smartphones and tablets.

WMS Mobile

Optimize your warehouse and logistics management with the WMS App.

Use handhelds to read barcodes and QR codes, manage inventory, picking, packing and receipt of goods.

Storekeepers and warehouse managers easily manage and control logistics processes, in perfect synchronization with the back office.

All features to simplify warehouse management

  • Scan item information via barcodes, including GTIN
  • Check stock availability and make changes to quantities if they do not match
  • Schedule Inventories
  • Manage picking, receipt / shipment of goods and transfers within the warehouse


  • Seamless integration with MagoCloud ERP
  • Integration with Active and Passive Cycle and Production processes
  • Outstanding User experience
  • Portability: you can use smartphones, tablets and certified industrial devices
  • The same device can be shared by several operators
  • Available for Android

    KPI Dashboard

    Dashboards and graphs give you an intuitive, up-to-date view of the status of your business and the achievement of your goals in just a few clicks.

    The integration with MagoCloud ERP gives you up-to-date data that you can easily analyze to make strategic decisions, wherever you are.

    All feature for a data-driven strategy

    • Monitor your business performance through accurate and reliable KPIs
    • Check your team’s performance (sales, purchasing) through intuitive charts and dashboards
    • Browse through information using dynamic analytical tools


    • Fully integrated with your ERP Cloud
    • Up-to-date and easily accessible information on the move
    • Demo version for Android and IOS

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