Before you subscribe: F.A.Q.

Do you have any questions? Check the Frequently Asked Questions to remove your doubts. Choose the topic of interest and find the right answers for you.

The minimum contract term is 12 months. Special trading conditions are available for multi-year contracts

User is the person who accesses MagoCloud to use the system, enter data and perform processing. We provide access credentials (user and password) to each user. Every operation done by the user is tracked by the system.

All data are protected with encryption systems, access control, data backup for high reliability and information protection.

Sure! You can request a free demo of MagoCloud. One of our application experts will show you the functions of the software by planning an online session. Request a demo now!

MagoCloud offers numerous procedures for exporting data. At any time, you can export the archives of contacts, customers, suppliers, products, price lists, orders, invoices, inventories, stocks, bank statements, financial statements.

The learning time of MagoCloud is very fast. The timing of full use of MagoCloud in your company depends essentially on the complexity of your organization.

We always recommend to MagoCloud users, to have a backup connection (even a simple Internet dongle is sufficient). Remember that MagoCloud is perfectly usable from tablet devices (iPad, Android).

Of course, each user can have his/her own role and can be enabled to view and use only those modules and functions that the system administrator has expressly allowed.

The infrastructure is organized with redundant elements and structured in such a way as to balance the workload ensuring optimal performance and continuity of service delivery.

Your data are stored in a database dedicated to your subscription.

Data on cloud systems are safe because they are protected by a special infrastructure that on the one hand protects them from external access and attacks, on the other hand replicates them daily on mirror servers ensuring full reachability in case of blockages and reliability in the recovery of backup.

You can request a new password by clicking on the link “Forgot your password?”
If at the time of registration, your user account has been correctly connected to an email, check your mail, you will find instructions to continue.
If this is not the case, please notify the administrator or our technical staff immediately. We will instantly block the old password and generate a new one.

The database is completely dedicated to your company and therefore the data are accessible only to you and to the users defined by you.

MagoCloud has no limits regarding number of users.

To increase number of users or monthly cloud resources, the administrator user (manager) can access the menu by clicking on “Modules and Services” and purchase the desired number of users.

Of course, MagoCloud is a Cloud service, so you only pay for what you use. Any change will take effect from the start of the subsequent maintenance fee.

To ensure maximum security and to avoid data loss, the cancellation can only be requested by the administrator of your MagoCloud. The request must be made to our technical staff.

The configuration system will guide you in your choice.

The maintenance fee for using MagoCloud includes: the use of the ERP with respect to the activated functions

MagoCloud ERP is a software entirely developed with Service Oriented technology that allows you to manage a User Interface rich in content, simple and intuitive, as well as configurable on the user’s needs, without the need for customization. It is a Cloud-native application.

After configuring the desired Cloud solution with our MagoCloud store, and after filling in the form with your company data, you will receive an email containing the link to download the installation kit and related access credentials.

At the end of 30-day free trial, unless otherwise requested, and in case of cancellation of the service, your data will be deleted from our servers.

All data will be kept safe. The customer must purchase MagoCloud licenses and set up an environment suitable for its installation. Services will then be required to install MagoCloud and bring the database back to Cloud in the on premises installation.

Any data entered on MagoCloud can be exported with a simple click in excel format.
If you need to integrate the data with other systems, contact us and we will evaluate together how to proceed.

The technical support service for Users is entrusted to the Partner channel; it is also possible to benefit from training and tutoring, as well as to request customizations.

We are at your disposal. Tell us about your management project