Mago e-Commerce

Exploit the benefits of the e-Commerce solution integrated with your MagoCloud ERP.

Manage products and customer records, orders and all warehouse processes in an integrated and automated way with Mago e-Commerce.
Efficiency, time savings and an exceptional user experience for your customers, Mago e-Commerce is the best solution to sell your products online and let your business grow. Mago e-Commerce is a Java-based e-Commerce software platform, suitable in terms of modularity and flexibility to B2C and B2B business models and the needs of a wide range of market sectors (fashion, services, food, etc.).

The advantages of
Mago e-Commerce for your Company

with your MagoCloud ERP

e-Commerce software platform

with third party systems via API

for B2C and B2B business models

Manage orders in an efficient and time-saving way

The orders placed by your customers are immediately recorded by your MagoCloud ERP, as well as stock availability. Real-time updating of data allows you to keep information on items, retail categories, customer details, orders placed and stock availability in sync.

Select the products to sell online and generate customized price lists for your customers

Articles, descriptions, categories… can be easily updated in MagoCloud and transmitted in real-time to your e-Commerce.
You can decide which products to sell online by creating dedicated assortments in MagoCloud and updating availability according to seasonality or your business needs. All the information updated in your ERP is instantly transmitted to the e-Commerce.
It is often necessary to create dedicated price lists for your existing customers, to reserve special discounts and prices for them. You can set up price lists in MagoCloud and once the customer has logged into your e-Commerce, they will display the prices you have defined for their company.

Design your online shop exactly the way you want

The layout of Mago e-Commerce is completely customizable, you can contact your reference Partner to start your project and design your shop according to your needs. Mago e-Commerce is available with a standard layout, with the help of your Partner you can completely update the interface and add all the functionality that best suits you. Data exchange and communication with third-party systems (payment, shipping, CRM, etc.) via API is very easy.

Engage customers in your omnichannel strategy

Mago e-Commerce is designed to make the user experience of your customers consistent regardless of the device they are using. Your customer can start shopping from the desktop and finish the order from mobile, without losing information.
You can create tailor-made promotions based on browsing information to really show your customer what they are interested in or even anticipate their wishes.
The internal product search function is enhanced to give your customers quick answers and suggest products and services at the very moment they are looking for them.
Mago e-Commerce also supports a variety of languages and currencies to conquer international markets.

MagoCloud means extended functionality, anytime, anywhere

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