Technical Overview


MagoCloud is a next-gen management application designed for a cloud scenario, which focuses on security, distribution and the ability to operate in a public or private cloud.

As an ERP cloud it is made up of several microservices and uses the latest generation components to allow a correct exchange of information, managed with the highest possible level of security.

The access to the world of MagoCloud is guaranteed by provisioning. In the MagoCloud store ( you can choose the best configuration for the ERP Cloud and purchase your subscription in a few simple steps.

Once the purchase is complete, your ERP Cloud is immediately ready to work, without the need to wait for installation times and infrastructure and application maintenance operations, which are instead necessary for an on-premise management system.

We pay particular attention to aspects related to safety, which is why the instances are monitored by systems based on Prometheus and Grafana, which guarantee constant data tracking and timely analysis of errors. So that corrective action can be taken in case of reported problems. The data produced by the monitoring system feeds the alerting system which, in the event of a fall down, proceeds with the immediate restoration of the operation of the instance thanks to the High Reliability system.

Another important feature of MagoCloud is the ability to customize it using My Mago Studio, the integrated development tool that allows you to modify the interface, reports and documents of MagoCloud.

MC Architecture

The structure on which our product stands.


All that is needed for our infrastructure.


The door from which you enter MagoCloud


Monitoring and alerting.


The Continuous Integration


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